Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This Isn't Sweat; It's Liquid Awesome (Part II)


Just a quick update!  Today was my fourth day of the Challenge!  It's still hard, and my abs are really, really sore; I almost didn't do it today.  But thank goodness I did!  The Roll-up, V-ups?  I'm still doing a set of 10 reps instead of 25 but today, I swear to god, they were a little bit easier and my legs went up a little bit higher doing the "V" part.  HOLY EXPLETIVE, BATMAN.  This is nuts.  This is even better motivation than a couple pounds of weight loss.  Seriously.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Handmade Chandelier Earrings


Yes, I know the title gives it away, but I wanted to share these earrings with you all, and I don't care if I'm tooting my own horn!

These chandelier earrings are entirely in sterling silver, with Swarovski crystal beads in a purple theme.  Each horse-shoe loop is handmade.

These beauties were hard work.  I swear I poured my soul into them, and I'm very proud.  I think now that I have one under my belt, the second pair will be easier to make, but whether/when I make them or not depends on when I can finally get my Etsy/website running.  Like I said before, it's been a busy, busy semester.

I buy my supplies at Cambridge Beadworks (Boston Bead Company, and they posted the earrings on their Facebook page.  I feel pretty lucky, subhanAllah.


This Isn't Sweat; It's Liquid Awesome (part I)


It's been a rough few months.  School's been kicking my behind, and what with a full time job, I have had zero gym time.  I know.  It's gross.  As in, my clothes are being stretched.  Blech.  Next semester I will also be busy.  My Millipore contract has been extended through the end of January, but inshaAllah I will also be starting a volunteer position at Lahey Clinic (keep your fingers crossed!).  In addition, there is one course that I want to take: Anatomy & Physiology II.  Anyway, we'll see.  Regardless, there will gym time a-plenty....or at least more than now. d:

BUT.  Since there is no time like the present, I have decided to give the 300/30 Day Challenge a try (http://www.thepetiteathleat.com/p/the-300.html).  I began last night (midnight on Dec1), and just finished my second set.  I'll be honest, I cut out the Leg Climbers.  I.  Can't.  Do.  Them.  They're so hard.  I can even manage to do the Roll-Up, V-Ups, if not well, but I can't seem to figure that one out.  I took before pictures (for my eyes only) and some measurements, and I'll be sure to post again when the month is over with any changes.  I think there might be, if I stay disciplined about it.  I can already feel a burn!  I read a blog post in which the woman said the first four days are the hardest.  She is far more fit than I, so maybe it'll be a week for me.  ( :


Monday, August 27, 2012

Metallic Mani


I've been meaning to post a new mani, but obviously I haven't been posting much lately.  BUT!  I recently was given a beautiful gift.  Three sets of Michael Kors skinny buckle bangles, in gold tone, rose gold tone, and silver tone (pictured below).  I love them!  The reason I got three was to wear one of each.  I know, I know.  My Char spoils me.

My current mani, which I LOVELOVELOVE, is an homage to the gift, and to my dear beloved.  Done in Essie Penny Talk, Maybelline ColorShow Bold Gold for the accent nails, and Maybelling ColorShow Pedal to the Metal for the tape funky french tips.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Fashionable Hijabi


Yup!  Even I, clumsy and grace-challenged as I am, find myself with days that I look absolutely fabulous.  ( :  I've decided to toot my own horn and share those days with the world.  Obv.  I think this could be a recurring segment!  Nifty!  In the last few weeks, I've worn two outfits that I'm really proud of.  Comfy, coordinated and colorful.

I love this light airy blouse from Forever21!  It floats like a (short and manageable) princess ball gown.  <3  I adore the lace detail, and I'm quite impressed with my styling and accessories.  How perfectly did the hijab match??
Top: Forever21, Gap; Pants: DKNY Jeans; Shoes: Payless; Gold-tone necklace: Macy's; Watch: Lowen

This second dress I've had for a while, but had never work before.  Teal and lime green is a favorite combo of mine (I mean, what doesn't go with lime green? d: ) and I love this look.  Color without looking clownish.  It falls easily, moves well, and isn't super clingy.  It feels classy, with the vibrant pop of color I love so much. And no, I don't usually match my phone to my outfit, haha!

Dress: Live and Let Live (Sears); Top: Nordstrom Rack; Necklace: Forever21; Ring: handmade


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Business Ventures Continued!


It's approaching the end of August, which means that it's time to post the finished products from MJ's order!  I'm really happy with how they turned out and MJ was so excited about them that she hugged me.  Twice!  ( :  And to top it off, she showed two other coworkers, one of whom has already asked me to make three bracelets for her.  THREE!

For the necklace, I went for a simple design, knowing MJ would prefer ease and sparkle over a complicated look.  Plus, I didn't want the earrings and the necklace to have to compete for attention.  I went back to the bead store, matched the colors and materials, and came up with this.  Actually, my mum was with me at the bead store (we were having quality time!), and she helped with the piece's center focus.  ( :

Simple necklace in sterling silver, Swarovski crystals in clear, light pink and light champagne/peach, and Swarovski light pink pearls, with a lobster clasp.

The earrings, a birthday present for Mayra, are in the same style we've seen before, only in gold (tone, plated, and filled).  The colors were supposed to be "funky" like Mayra.  WHAAA??  Choosing the colors was actually the hardest part.  I would compare two colors against each other, love it, then bring in the third, only to be horrified at how badly they all clashed.  Repeatedly.  Luckily, I was able to use my mum (again!) as a sounding board and it really helped.

Gold dangle earrings (chain is gold-plated and findings are gold-filled) with Swarovski crystals in deep red orange, green, and golden yellow and Swarovski light bronze pearls.

Shameless plug time!  I'm convinced that I need to compile a portfolio of sorts of my pieces.  Well, to be honest, I was told that I needed to do it, so I'm seriously considering it now.  I am looking into free hosting sites instead of using Etsy, though I should probably start an account there as well.  I'll post it here when I'm done.  For now though, you can see the small sampling of my work here.  I'd love to try to supplement your collections with my simple but elegant pieces.  I'm open to self-designed ideas - we can work together to make it work, inshaAllah.  I can be contacted at JustBecause.WithLove@gmail.com.  I hope to hear from you soon!


Thursday, August 23, 2012



I know it's almost a week late, but better late than never, right?

Courtesy of the proud Muslims of Jackson Heights, NYC

Ramadan has passed and inshaAllah it was easy for all of us.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Eid (on Sunday or Monday!), filled with family, friends, and good food.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the Summer Games Begin!


Of course I title a mid-summer post like that.  Of course.  Right?  ( :

First of all, It's a week into Ramadan and Alhamdulillah it's going well.  I was really nervous.  Summer days are quite lengthy here in Beantown, and I'm not exactly in practice.  But after a bit of struggle on the first day, Alhamdulillah He made the days hot and long, but bearable.  With a smile even.  ( :  Still, I'm incredibly tired all the time.  On a more serious note, I'm realizing just how much I've been slacking in the practice of my faith.  I intend to use the rest of the month to pray more regularly and work on some things, behaviorally.  I read somewhere, probably on Twiter, that Ramadan isn't just about forgoing in food and drink, it's about letting go of anger.  So I'll be working on that, inshaAllah.

I went back to make sure I'm not reblogging this info, and I'm not!  My dear coworker MJ?  Who bought my earrings?  She has insisted that I make her a matching necklace!  And as though that's not crazy enough, she wants a second pair of earrings (in fiery, funky colors) to give to another coworker for her birthday.  Why?  Because Mayra loved her pair so much.  CRAZY.  Alhamdulillah.  My deadline is mid-August, so I should (have to!) have pictures for you by then, at the latest.  (I just can't believe that this idea could actually become a reality.)

And the big finale to Summer 2012 is going to be ISNA!  It's on Labor Day weekend this year, in DC.  I can't wait!  It's been a while, and it's going to be exciting to be able to attend, inshaAllah.  Huzzah!!  I'm excited about the speakers, yes, but honestly, right now I can't stop thinking about the bazaar.  Is that absolutely terrible?


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hijab-Friendly Accessories and Business Ventures


Long necklaces are a great hijab-friendly accessory.  And as I'm sure you could tell from my previously-posted jewelry board, I have a nice collection.  The only problem is sometimes a girl just gets bored matching metals without color.  So, armed with a tutorial I headed to Michael's to get supplies!  ...And then the only beads that met my apparently high standards were not colorful, but white.  Alas.  However!  I lovelovelove the necklace, and I'm so glad I bought the beads.  Here is the finished product and the awesome shalwar kameez I ended up wearing it with!

The (silver-plated) chain length is 24" and the "pendant" is ~2.5" from the top-most jump ring to the bottom of the cluster.

Y'all remember the dangle earrings I made earlier this year?  At work it came up that one of my budding hobbies is beading and jewelry, so I brought them in to show (off).  And someone bought them!  And then told me she got tons of compliments when she wore them over the weekend!!  O.O  <-- This has been me for the past few days....  It's gotten me considering, especially at Char's encouragement, that I could sell handmade jewelry on purpose instead of by accident.

And quickly.  After my completely foolishness in bringing absolutely nothing in my class color to Reunion, I had to *scramble*.  This is the result  A bright yellow bow on a headband!  I know.  I look adorable.  ( :  Plus some others I made for another fun, hijab-friendly accessory.  Char insists I should sell both jewelry and headbands.  Thoughts?


Contest Entry - Concrete and Nail Polish


Entry for Concrete and Nail Polish's nail art contest.  It's not super fancy, but I like it. ( :  And I love the shine on OPI Black Onyx.  This is without a topcoat!  Inspired by http://pinterest.com/pin/185632815860934514/


Sunday, June 17, 2012



Family.  Now there's a loaded word.  Love, trust, faith, companionship.  That's what that word means to most people, right?  They are the people you trust.  The people you look forward to seeing.  The people who make you feel safe.  They aren't just blood-related.  They are the friends who ask you why you aren't your usual bubbly self.  They are the professors and TAs who take a special interest.  They are your significant other who holds you while you're crying.  Family are the people without whom you would feel your support system falling apart.  It hurts so much worse when those people let you down, too.


Garden On My Nails


NAIL POLISH YAY.  Okay so, since discovering nail blogs and getting excited about doing my own nails, I've been buying more polish.  And I've spent more than a hundred dollars on it in the last month!  That's crazy. NO MORE.  (For now anyway....)  But I can have lots of fun with what I already have.

I'd never been much into nail care, but with my nails in the brittle shape they're in, I've been looking to take better care of them.  I think the actual problem is runs-in-the-family vitamin D deficiency I have, but in any case.  I bought a simple cuticle trimmer.  Let me tell you - it's fabulous!  I won't bore you with a photo, but after using it, my nails felt clean and healthy, and my fingers felt lighter.

Onto polishes.  My good friend Ebs showed me a fun and easy way to spice up the regular ring finger accent.  Reverse the colors on the other hand!  I honestly had never thought about that before.  I tried it here with Revlon Impulsive (purple) and Mischievous (grey-purple).

My latest kick is flower inspirations.  A few weeks ago I used the colors from one of my favorite summer dresses to create a matching manicure.  I don't have a dotting tool, but I think I did a decent job!

The last two pieces are I have for you are my first dabbles with paint brushes and nail polish.  Any tips on keeping them clean would be much appreciated!  So someone posted a picture of a beautiful hyacinth natural to South America, that is unfortunately flourishing in Bangladesh, throwing ecosystems off-balance.  Still, it has gorgeous petals, and is the inspiration for the first painting.

The second manicure is the simple but popular dandelion flower.  A while back I watched a tutorial but I couldn't find it again to share here.  ) :  Again, no dotting tools or striper, all this is brushstroke.  Thoughts?  All constructive criticism welcome.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary, My Dearest.

Happy anniversary to me and my beloved Char!!  Another year stronger, and with things moving in the right direction, iA.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy 5-year Reunion to ME!!


The first weekend of June was my five-year Wellesley Reunion.  Talk about crazy times.  I can't believe it's been five years.  So technically I graduated in 2010, but so what?  My class, Golden 2007, graduated five years ago.  ( :

It was a too short of a weekend, but it was amazing while it lasted.  Seeing my ladies from Al-Muslimat (The Muslim Women - Wellesley's MSA) was incredible.  I saw most of Stone Second Short - I've known those beautiful women since the first day of Orientation.  We broke a record for most reuning students in a class with 222!  The Alumnae Association Board gave the class a shout out.  I don't know how to explain how it felt to be with all those amazing women again, laughing, sharing stories, eating meals.  It felt good.  It felt right.  We've all come a long way, and it's a wonderful feeling to know that I will always have them to lean on.

Golden Class of 2007!

The other updating point is that Immunology grades came in and I got an A!  Alhamdulillah!  YAY!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Congratulations Class of 2012


My dear baby brother graduated with his Bachelors degree on May 20th.   In Religion and Biology, masha'Allah.  He's now a proud alum of the mighty brown and blue!  Alhamdulillah.  In his honor, I made these delectable blue velvet cupcakes with an unexpected chocolate butter cream frosting.  Get it?  It's the red velvet cupcake recipe from before (Chef Google), and that's how I found the frosting as well.  The best part was leveling the tops by hand before frosting, and eating the scraps!!

Congrats 2012!!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freak Whirlwind (Part 3)


Monday, June 14
After a late night but somehow making it into work, Char and I GChatted through the entire workday.  We discussed the tentative group movie outing.  He said I'd have to hold his attention, since he's easily distracted.  I said if I'm the only girl there, then shouldn't he already be distracted?  He told me I was flattering myself.  I told him, "I'm patient.  I can wait til you realize you'll flatter me, too."  Witty, right?  As it neared the late afternoon, I mentioned I was meeting someone in a cafe in Davis, fully knowing he worked a few minutes' walk away.  I began hinting that I had plans but they could be broken.  After beating around the bush, he invited me over, as I invited myself over, to his lab.

I was so nervous when I arrived!  I parallel park pretty well, but that afternoon it took me more than three tries, and there weren't even any other cars around!  After meeting his pigeons and helping him through a lab clean up routine (which, he later realized he did on the wrong day!), we made our way to Davis.  We walked around for while, deciding against sushi but struggling to find something to do, and finally ended up at sushi.  We flirted and laughed and flirted some more.  He made a joke about the octupus we were having that makes me laugh to this day.  He was determined to get the check ("A man should always pay") and wouldn't let me have it at all, but then he couldn't cover the tip with the cash he brought!  How awkward!  d:

As we walked out of the restaurant, he said he'd have to run to his destination to make it there on time.  I countered with, "But you're going to walk me to the cafe, right?"  And Char said, "Of course!  I have all the time in the world!"  What a line!! ( :  We parted in front of the cafe, standing awkwardly, saying goodbye awkwardly, waving awkwardly, and shuffling away awkwardly.  It was painful.

I sat down and said to my friend just as he texted his: "I think I just accidentally went on a date."

Later that night, as we cautiously reviewed our time together, Char told me something he has never stopped meaning.  "I just hoped you felt safe with me."


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!


Okay, so I'm a day-and-a-bit late in posting.  But my (excellent) excuse is that I was an amazing daughter yesterday.  Okay, that's a little bit of stretching.  I would love to say I got up early to go to the grocery story to get the things I planned the previous night to make for Mother's Day, but in fact I just stayed up all night and realized I had done nothing.  So I got off my lazy behind, ran to the store to get a few missing items from my kitchen and this is what I came up with.

Brunch was delicious made-from-scratch buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit and strawberry slices shaped into hearts. I know they kind of look like hearts already, but each one required delicate trimming.  Also, there was Aunt Jemima's syrup...YUM!  (Recipe #13)

This is dinner; my first (and probably only) attempt at this salmon en croute recipe.  It is made with a dill and asparagus spread.  The store-bought crust came out flaky and delicious and overall, it was good.  Just too much dill for my taste. (Recipe)

And the evening ended with Redbox Adventures of TinTin and a cute card.  I got lucky with that movie.  My mum used to love the comics growing up, and really wanted to see it when it was in theaters.  I only happened to notice it while I was walking out of Market Basket.  OH BUT WAIT.  THERE'S MORE.  Dessert was VANILLA MOCHI YUMMM.  Mum slept all day, when she wasn't eating or at the mall.  All in all, I think it was a good day for her.  ( :


Friday, May 11, 2012

Nail Polish Bonanza


Pinterest has opened my eyes to something I never realized existed - nail polish blogs.  THERE ARE SO MANY!!!  (Check out the blogs I follow for a couple of my favorites.)

I have loved nail polish since I was in elementary school.  I wasn't that traditionally "girly," but my mum had a few, all reds, and I used to have so much fun with them.  These days I practically avoid reds like the plague!  But my love for polish has only grown over the years, as I have.  My collection is small, but slowly growing.  Last week I bought nine new polishes.  Nine!  I try to be practical by choosing only colors I absolutely love, or something daring to see if it'll look good against my skin, or something I'm sure I'll wear.  I swear I do.  But sometimes I just love them all!!  ( :

Since discovering these blogs, I've seen some really cool colors, patterns, designs, and best of all tutorials!  I thought I'd share some of my nail polish adventures, amidst the rest of the posts (I swear I'll go back to the Freak Whirlwind story one day soon!).  I might try some here and there, but mostly I just want to share something I love.

This is "balloons."  It started as a random polka dot design I saw online, and then just became.  The base is is Essie Topless & Barefoot.  The dots are Essie Plumberry (pink), Revlon Top Speed Electric (yellow), OPI Who The Shrek Are You? (green), OPI Dating A Royal (blue), and Essie Bahama Mama (purple).

This is my version of blue ombre (I learned that it's pronounced ohm-bray or ahm-bray!).  I love this style, and honestly I had so much just picking the colors.  From the thumb: Loreal After Hours, OPI Dating A Royal, Revlon Surf, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, and OPI Peace, Baby.  I want to try it in pinks and greys.

This is a fun french manicure twist.  It started as a shredded funky french (Chloe's Nails), but I got frustrated, so I used Essie In Stitches to make extra girly french tips.

I love the contrast ring finger look.  This is Revlon Surf and Revlon Posh as the contrast.  I love these colors.  I believe this it with three coats each.

I call this Pop of Color.  Essie Steel-ing The Scene and Essie Action as the contrast.  It's three coats each.  Hindsight being what it is, I realize I should have used a base under the orange; you can see the edge of the nail bed.  Sidenote:  I use Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.  I know people swear by Seche Vite, but I rather like this one.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Start of Spring


Spring is the start, innit?  Flowers blossom.  Trees bloom.  The whispers of new beginnings around me have made me decide to rekindle some of my old flames.  My stage?  Pinterest!  As usual, I'm late to the party.  But I'm glad I came.  It started out with a Pinboard of fitness-related motivational quotes, suggested by Climbing.  I'm doing a terrible job with my cardio (although I've definitely gained muscle)!!  Anyway.  After finding incredible inspiration from Pinterest, I'm bringing back my creative side.  That's right, folks!  DIY PROJECTS YAY!!

I've made a couple of jewelry items so far, but have so many pins and bookmarks saved for future to-dos.  I do have to say, though, that my favorite item so far is my new jewelry board!  It's made to match my navy-blue-and-spiced-butternut-colored room (like the first board I made).  I used fabric store ribbon, simple brass hooks from Lowes and a framed corkboard from Michael's.  I absolutely LOVE that I can hang all my long, hijab-friendly necklaces on there, and not only do they stay untangled, it almost looks like art!  There are extra hooks for bracelets (most of which are also handmade), and forthcoming are hooks for earrings.  I haven't figured out whether I need something for rings a shown on other boards, but it's a great start, no?  Oh and that top right corner is being saved for a wire monogram!

Keep reading; there's more after the pics!

Call me dorky, but I lovelovelovelove it when things match!

Newly made ring and dangle-y earrings.

My job search as Alhamdulillah ended for now.  I've accepted a 6-month contract position at the amazing Millipore!  Hooray!!  I start Monday.  Let me tell you one thing?  They didn't even ask for references.  Suck on that, BMF.  I saw something online that explains how I feel about all that now.  Moving onto school.  Based off requirements at MCPHS, I'm trying to take Expository Writing, US History, and Intro to Psych over the summer and following semesters.  I just registered for a couple of Information Sessions.  It's going to be a hard road, but I'm incredibly excited.

Which brings us to something that's been on my mind as of late: racism.  It's not really a soap box speech, but here we are nonetheless.  Trayvon Martin's shooter was recently released on bail, even after being charged with 2nd degree murder, and I'm very surprised.  I don't know to much about the evidence in the case, but I don't think that, with the national outcry, such little could be done.  The man is under suspicion of murdering a minor.  You don't just let that guy pay his way out of jail, even if it's to await trial.

I'm not naive.  I'm a Muslim woman in America.  Sure, I live in the Northeast in one of the nation's most liberal and tolerant cities, but I've been the recipient of the occasional odd look or insult mumbled under one's breath.  It's not right, but this stuff happens.  I'm a big girl; I don't let it faze me.  But the thing that's really bugging me is Wellesley College , my alma mater.  I was there last week and I was told that students were unofficially boycotting the bookstore.  Why?  Because the owner, a middle aged Caucasian man, has called a Black student "suspicious."  She was in the store with her hoodie up.  It's literally the same situation, down to the words Trayvon's killer used in Florida.  It is appalling news.  We were taught to pride ourselves on being tolerant and politically correct.  I've shopped at that bookstore.  I honestly can't say that I've felt completely comfortable while there, but nothing overtly sketchy ever happened.  The owner allegedly followed the girl and her friend around the store to keep an eye on them.  That's so ridiculous!  Yes, I know I am only ranting.  I just can't believe that the place I'm so proud to be from had an episode I'm completely disgusted with.  After preaching and preaching about tolerance.

My next installment is going to be soon, I promise.  ( :


Thursday, February 16, 2012

And Off We Go!!


Two thousand and twelve.  And it's already February!  Crazy, right?  I have these faded memories of October 1990.  A baby brother being born, my mom staying in the hospital overnight.  And now it's just over twenty one years later and that tiny little baby with the giant head is graduating college in four months, inshaAllah.  And he's kickin' ass and takin' names.  He doesn't know exactly how proud of him I am, but I hope he knows in his heart that I am.

I have a LONG overdue shout out to this amazing lady for her delicious peanut butter blossoms earlier this year (although I'm not she knows she gave me some!).  I have added them to my growing list of things I want to bake.  Here are some of the treats I've made (and not posted):

Slice of TURTLE CHEESECAKE (recipe below)

NY style cheesecake decorated with kiwi, strawberries, and mango!

OREO-STUFFED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, from my girl at Savory Edibles.

After all that delicious food-stuffs, let me say that the gym is.....well, it's going.  I'm still going, and I even got myself a trainer.  My biggest problem, as it is with lazy people, is self-motivation.  So Rich is kicking my (soon-to-be-muscular-and-toned!) behind with the weight machines, and it's on me to do cardio regularly.  Today, my legs refuse to cooperate with me.  I'm pretty sure my jeans are a tiny bit loose, but I don't want to jinx anything.  

I never thought I'd say this, even though everyone I know said it.  I want to go back to school.  I've enrolled in an Immunology course at the graduate level, partly because it's interesting and partly because for fun.  So far, I haven't been disappointed.  Class actually energizes me, even though it ends at 7:30pm!  I've found that learning about the complement pathways and how they play their parts in an innate immune response fascinates me.  Damn, right.  I am a nerd.

To end on a sappy note: I had an amazing Valentine's Day.  Last year, the date marked eight wonderful months together.  This year, one year stronger, we celebrated.  An early dinner at Legal Sea Foods and then time spent in each others' arms.  আমি ওকে অনেক ভালবাসি. 

The promised recipe:
- 2 cups crumbled chocolate graham crackers
- 6 tbsp melted margarine
- 14oz caramels
- 50z can evap. milk
- 1 cup chopped pecans (can be toasted)
- 16oz cream cheese, softened (2 pkg)
- 1/2 cup sugar
- 1tsp vanilla (I always add extra!)
- 2 large eggs
- 1/2 cup special dark chocolate chips

1. Combine crumbs and margarine well, and press into the bottom of a 9-in spring-form pan.  Bake at 350 for 10min.
2. In a saucepan, melt caramels with milk over low heat until smooth.  Pour over crust.
3. Top with chopped pecans.  Refrigerate for 20min.
4. Combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until well-blended.
5. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well.
6. Pour mixture over pecans.  Bake at 350 for 40min.
7. Loosen spring-form.  Allow to cool for 15min before removing.
8. Top as you please!  I drizzled (heavily) caramel and chocolate, and added more pecans!