Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freak Whirlwind (Part 3)


Monday, June 14
After a late night but somehow making it into work, Char and I GChatted through the entire workday.  We discussed the tentative group movie outing.  He said I'd have to hold his attention, since he's easily distracted.  I said if I'm the only girl there, then shouldn't he already be distracted?  He told me I was flattering myself.  I told him, "I'm patient.  I can wait til you realize you'll flatter me, too."  Witty, right?  As it neared the late afternoon, I mentioned I was meeting someone in a cafe in Davis, fully knowing he worked a few minutes' walk away.  I began hinting that I had plans but they could be broken.  After beating around the bush, he invited me over, as I invited myself over, to his lab.

I was so nervous when I arrived!  I parallel park pretty well, but that afternoon it took me more than three tries, and there weren't even any other cars around!  After meeting his pigeons and helping him through a lab clean up routine (which, he later realized he did on the wrong day!), we made our way to Davis.  We walked around for while, deciding against sushi but struggling to find something to do, and finally ended up at sushi.  We flirted and laughed and flirted some more.  He made a joke about the octupus we were having that makes me laugh to this day.  He was determined to get the check ("A man should always pay") and wouldn't let me have it at all, but then he couldn't cover the tip with the cash he brought!  How awkward!  d:

As we walked out of the restaurant, he said he'd have to run to his destination to make it there on time.  I countered with, "But you're going to walk me to the cafe, right?"  And Char said, "Of course!  I have all the time in the world!"  What a line!! ( :  We parted in front of the cafe, standing awkwardly, saying goodbye awkwardly, waving awkwardly, and shuffling away awkwardly.  It was painful.

I sat down and said to my friend just as he texted his: "I think I just accidentally went on a date."

Later that night, as we cautiously reviewed our time together, Char told me something he has never stopped meaning.  "I just hoped you felt safe with me."


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