Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden On My Nails


NAIL POLISH YAY.  Okay so, since discovering nail blogs and getting excited about doing my own nails, I've been buying more polish.  And I've spent more than a hundred dollars on it in the last month!  That's crazy. NO MORE.  (For now anyway....)  But I can have lots of fun with what I already have.

I'd never been much into nail care, but with my nails in the brittle shape they're in, I've been looking to take better care of them.  I think the actual problem is runs-in-the-family vitamin D deficiency I have, but in any case.  I bought a simple cuticle trimmer.  Let me tell you - it's fabulous!  I won't bore you with a photo, but after using it, my nails felt clean and healthy, and my fingers felt lighter.

Onto polishes.  My good friend Ebs showed me a fun and easy way to spice up the regular ring finger accent.  Reverse the colors on the other hand!  I honestly had never thought about that before.  I tried it here with Revlon Impulsive (purple) and Mischievous (grey-purple).

My latest kick is flower inspirations.  A few weeks ago I used the colors from one of my favorite summer dresses to create a matching manicure.  I don't have a dotting tool, but I think I did a decent job!

The last two pieces are I have for you are my first dabbles with paint brushes and nail polish.  Any tips on keeping them clean would be much appreciated!  So someone posted a picture of a beautiful hyacinth natural to South America, that is unfortunately flourishing in Bangladesh, throwing ecosystems off-balance.  Still, it has gorgeous petals, and is the inspiration for the first painting.

The second manicure is the simple but popular dandelion flower.  A while back I watched a tutorial but I couldn't find it again to share here.  ) :  Again, no dotting tools or striper, all this is brushstroke.  Thoughts?  All constructive criticism welcome.


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