Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day One


Well, day one of the trip turned out to be a bust. The flight was canceled and we are stuck in Logan! Well, actually, we've been put up at the Hilton with meal vouchers, so Alh for that. I wish we had gone home. If we get a flight tomorrow at all, it'll be late in the day. If not, we have to wait until the thirty first. InshaAllah, the rest of the trip goes better.

The reason for the cancellation? One point five feet of snow fell in the past two days. Char and his family got caught in it on the way back from Canadia. Alh they are safe and well. They went to RIS and a wedding!

Oy. Thinking about weddings is always so bittersweet. I want so much to be married to Char; I can't wait to dress up for him, and exchange rings, and begin a life together. But we've still a long road ahead of us. InshaAllah we have the patience it requires, and that it pays off.

At some point, I'll have to share that story of our first week. It is filled with so many good memories. <3 <3