Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the Summer Games Begin!


Of course I title a mid-summer post like that.  Of course.  Right?  ( :

First of all, It's a week into Ramadan and Alhamdulillah it's going well.  I was really nervous.  Summer days are quite lengthy here in Beantown, and I'm not exactly in practice.  But after a bit of struggle on the first day, Alhamdulillah He made the days hot and long, but bearable.  With a smile even.  ( :  Still, I'm incredibly tired all the time.  On a more serious note, I'm realizing just how much I've been slacking in the practice of my faith.  I intend to use the rest of the month to pray more regularly and work on some things, behaviorally.  I read somewhere, probably on Twiter, that Ramadan isn't just about forgoing in food and drink, it's about letting go of anger.  So I'll be working on that, inshaAllah.

I went back to make sure I'm not reblogging this info, and I'm not!  My dear coworker MJ?  Who bought my earrings?  She has insisted that I make her a matching necklace!  And as though that's not crazy enough, she wants a second pair of earrings (in fiery, funky colors) to give to another coworker for her birthday.  Why?  Because Mayra loved her pair so much.  CRAZY.  Alhamdulillah.  My deadline is mid-August, so I should (have to!) have pictures for you by then, at the latest.  (I just can't believe that this idea could actually become a reality.)

And the big finale to Summer 2012 is going to be ISNA!  It's on Labor Day weekend this year, in DC.  I can't wait!  It's been a while, and it's going to be exciting to be able to attend, inshaAllah.  Huzzah!!  I'm excited about the speakers, yes, but honestly, right now I can't stop thinking about the bazaar.  Is that absolutely terrible?


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