Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Start of Spring


Spring is the start, innit?  Flowers blossom.  Trees bloom.  The whispers of new beginnings around me have made me decide to rekindle some of my old flames.  My stage?  Pinterest!  As usual, I'm late to the party.  But I'm glad I came.  It started out with a Pinboard of fitness-related motivational quotes, suggested by Climbing.  I'm doing a terrible job with my cardio (although I've definitely gained muscle)!!  Anyway.  After finding incredible inspiration from Pinterest, I'm bringing back my creative side.  That's right, folks!  DIY PROJECTS YAY!!

I've made a couple of jewelry items so far, but have so many pins and bookmarks saved for future to-dos.  I do have to say, though, that my favorite item so far is my new jewelry board!  It's made to match my navy-blue-and-spiced-butternut-colored room (like the first board I made).  I used fabric store ribbon, simple brass hooks from Lowes and a framed corkboard from Michael's.  I absolutely LOVE that I can hang all my long, hijab-friendly necklaces on there, and not only do they stay untangled, it almost looks like art!  There are extra hooks for bracelets (most of which are also handmade), and forthcoming are hooks for earrings.  I haven't figured out whether I need something for rings a shown on other boards, but it's a great start, no?  Oh and that top right corner is being saved for a wire monogram!

Keep reading; there's more after the pics!

Call me dorky, but I lovelovelovelove it when things match!

Newly made ring and dangle-y earrings.

My job search as Alhamdulillah ended for now.  I've accepted a 6-month contract position at the amazing Millipore!  Hooray!!  I start Monday.  Let me tell you one thing?  They didn't even ask for references.  Suck on that, BMF.  I saw something online that explains how I feel about all that now.  Moving onto school.  Based off requirements at MCPHS, I'm trying to take Expository Writing, US History, and Intro to Psych over the summer and following semesters.  I just registered for a couple of Information Sessions.  It's going to be a hard road, but I'm incredibly excited.

Which brings us to something that's been on my mind as of late: racism.  It's not really a soap box speech, but here we are nonetheless.  Trayvon Martin's shooter was recently released on bail, even after being charged with 2nd degree murder, and I'm very surprised.  I don't know to much about the evidence in the case, but I don't think that, with the national outcry, such little could be done.  The man is under suspicion of murdering a minor.  You don't just let that guy pay his way out of jail, even if it's to await trial.

I'm not naive.  I'm a Muslim woman in America.  Sure, I live in the Northeast in one of the nation's most liberal and tolerant cities, but I've been the recipient of the occasional odd look or insult mumbled under one's breath.  It's not right, but this stuff happens.  I'm a big girl; I don't let it faze me.  But the thing that's really bugging me is Wellesley College , my alma mater.  I was there last week and I was told that students were unofficially boycotting the bookstore.  Why?  Because the owner, a middle aged Caucasian man, has called a Black student "suspicious."  She was in the store with her hoodie up.  It's literally the same situation, down to the words Trayvon's killer used in Florida.  It is appalling news.  We were taught to pride ourselves on being tolerant and politically correct.  I've shopped at that bookstore.  I honestly can't say that I've felt completely comfortable while there, but nothing overtly sketchy ever happened.  The owner allegedly followed the girl and her friend around the store to keep an eye on them.  That's so ridiculous!  Yes, I know I am only ranting.  I just can't believe that the place I'm so proud to be from had an episode I'm completely disgusted with.  After preaching and preaching about tolerance.

My next installment is going to be soon, I promise.  ( :


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