Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hijab-Friendly Accessories and Business Ventures


Long necklaces are a great hijab-friendly accessory.  And as I'm sure you could tell from my previously-posted jewelry board, I have a nice collection.  The only problem is sometimes a girl just gets bored matching metals without color.  So, armed with a tutorial I headed to Michael's to get supplies!  ...And then the only beads that met my apparently high standards were not colorful, but white.  Alas.  However!  I lovelovelove the necklace, and I'm so glad I bought the beads.  Here is the finished product and the awesome shalwar kameez I ended up wearing it with!

The (silver-plated) chain length is 24" and the "pendant" is ~2.5" from the top-most jump ring to the bottom of the cluster.

Y'all remember the dangle earrings I made earlier this year?  At work it came up that one of my budding hobbies is beading and jewelry, so I brought them in to show (off).  And someone bought them!  And then told me she got tons of compliments when she wore them over the weekend!!  O.O  <-- This has been me for the past few days....  It's gotten me considering, especially at Char's encouragement, that I could sell handmade jewelry on purpose instead of by accident.

And quickly.  After my completely foolishness in bringing absolutely nothing in my class color to Reunion, I had to *scramble*.  This is the result  A bright yellow bow on a headband!  I know.  I look adorable.  ( :  Plus some others I made for another fun, hijab-friendly accessory.  Char insists I should sell both jewelry and headbands.  Thoughts?


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