Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First of Many, inshaAllah


Again, it's been too long.  My apologies.  I think I find it hard to regard the thought that someone might read this, seriously.  C'est la vie.  This time I'm putting update reminders in my planner, so that at least I remember that I want to update weekly.  Baby steps, right?  Right.

So let's have some updates, shall we?

Our month, but actually less, apart was terrifying, heart-wrenching and over nearly as soon as it started.  Alhamdulillah, I am not on a break with my dearest, and we are stronger, together, now.

I made one random fabulous meal in the last four months.  Okay so really it was a single pasta dish.  Whole wheat penne topped with lemon-garlic shrimp and aspargus.  This was my second time making it, and the improvement shows, believe me!

I'm still working at BMF, though not for lack of trying.  I've only had one interview so far.  The only place that has actually gotten back to me.  But!  I could be trying harder, so IA I', starting to be more proactive.  On that note, I hope to take the GREs soon, (any and all advice is welcome!) and will be enrolled in a class in the coming Spring semester.  I'm pretty excited about the class!

Oh, BMF.  Really, really really a terrible place to work, it turns out.  KD and I help each other along, though I fear she will soon find greener pastures, and I will be left to fend for myself.  If that happens, I've decided that I need to go in earlier a few days a week and have breakfast at home (with Char) the other couple of days.  Then, I can leave early or take lunch with Char as I please.

And so we are brought to the matrimonial segment of our program.  Apart from the Chicago wedding, five of my friends got married this summer.  Two girls I've known since childhood, one of my Wellesley little sisters, my adopted Wellesley little brother, and my dear friend AJ, from W, who met her now wife while we were in school.  They had a simple and beautiful ceremony on the Cape, during which I and our third musketeer, SL, recited from our respective Book.  The reception following was amazing.  There were W women I hadn't seen in ages, and of course the brides looked stunning.  Char came with me, and I think we were the second happiest couple there.  Not to mention the only brownies and only Muslims.  We got a lot of thank-you-for-comings and your-recitation-was-beautifuls.  Basically, a bunch of oldies from the Cape trying to show their open-mindedness.  It was cute.  Then there were the random people taking our photo, from posed to candid. That was a bit weird.  Anyway.  There was the engagement party in Long Island for my friend Tulip.  This past weekend, my girl Tina and her Irishman had their wedding reception in Beantown (this was one of the weddings in Bangladesh!).  Later this month, my good friend Tmoney is having her engagement party, though her betrothal was announced at the end of Ramadan.  And finally!  Pri, down in the ATL.  Her papers are signed but the big shindig is over the New Years break.  A big finale to a year with a ridiculous number of nuptials attended.

And just for fun, a funky cat with THUMBS!