Saturday, February 19, 2011

Freak Whirlwind (part 2)


Sunday, June 13
I opened my email to find that Char had sent me a Facebook-friend request.  From what I'd gathered about him from S, I was under the impression that he was usually unsearchable and so only did friending himself.  So he reached out to me!

I got very excited to see the request, flailed a little (or a lot!) then accepted.  I posted on this wall, he commented, and thus began our conversation.  We move to GChatting, and talked til 1am.  About all sorts of random things - pigeons (his research), sports (rugby), soda (Coke vs Pepsi).  We flirted cautiously, talking about my parent-made biodata (he later admitted he was testing the friend-zone), and how my mother tongue is very important to me, leading to him asking me how to say something in Bangla.  He even suggested that we go see a movie - in a group.  The sneaky bugger!  By the end, I had his number, and a growing hope that he was interested.


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