Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freak Whirlwind (part 1)


I won't lie. I have been procrastinating on this post. Why? It's a long story that, were I telling it in person, would be broken with many "Awwww"s. Regardless, it's one of my favorite stories to tell. It takes place over a week, the most memorable week of my life thus far.  It is the story of how Char and I met.  Because of it's length, I will relate it in parts.  Here begins part 1.

Saturday, June 12
I ended up volunteering at the NABIC (North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community) Conference because I felt like an unsupportive friend.  S worked really hard to bring it all together, and I had given her my word. 

I'd been at ISBCC since early that morning.  I thought we volunteers would be fed soon, only to find out that the big speaker event would be before dinner hour.  Meanwhile, S's friends from uni arrived, only one of them Bangladeshi.  He was one of them.

So now here's this boy I've thought was cute for a long time (yes, I'd seen him before at S's uni events, plus my brother goes there, too).  I didn't know anything about him, but here was my chance.  Every time he look at me, my heart fluttered.  I had to mentally yell at myself to stop overreacting.  After all, he barely knew my name!

The speaker began.  We volunteers sat in the back.  When some people arrived late, I gave an auntie my chair.  Almost immediately, Char offered me his.  Char and his friend were playing dots.  I wanted in, so he and I started a game.  Due to his inattentiveness, I won!  Over the group dinner, we learned a little more about each other, and yes, flirted.  Lightly, but it was there.  And finally, as my family got ready to leave, he made a chivalrous move, offering to help me take something to the car.


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