Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Updates on My Love Life and Resume


Today I started a volunteer position at a local medical school.  I've joined an Immunology lab studying B cell development in immune response as it is related to certain types of cancer.  I'll be there full time for now, but iA when I get a job, I will cut back hours to after 5pm.  I have to talk to the postdoc about it.  It's all in the long road to academia.  InshaAllah.  But so yes.  #JobHunt2013 continues.  Some interesting prospects are in play; we'll see what happens.  Send good vibes my way!

It's been just over nine weeks since Char and I got married, and I'm loving life!  Every day we're tired and then there are always dishes to do and dinner to prepare and clothes to put away, but it's worth it.  ( :


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