Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Metallic Mani #2


I wasn't going to post this tonight, as I'd already published, but I guess I got too excited.  I'm trying the metallic Sharpie French mani that I saw on Concrete and Nail Polish, a nail blog I enjoy.  I'm kind of obsessed with Sharpies so I already had all the supplies on hand!  I started by trying all three metals (gold, silver, and bronze) as tips over two coats of Essie's Brooch the Subject.  I didn't love it - the colors were weirdly difficult to distinguish against the base.  So I changed it up a bit, using Essie's Topless and Barefoot instead, a beautiful pink nude.  I stuck with one color (gold) and to spice things up, I added a bit more than simple French tips - STRIPES!!!

Top: the first go round.  Index - silver, Middle - bronze, Ring - gold
Bottom: current iteration.  Thick gold tips with stripes(!) on the index and pinky!

One thing to watch out for is to make sure the Sharpie is dry, and then carefully applying the top coat.  Otherwise you'll end up with smudges!!  Blech.

Have fun trying this with any base color and any Sharpies you can find at home or at work!  Think of designs like polka dots or stripes, or go crazy with an Olympic theme.  ( :


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