Monday, June 20, 2011

Homeward Bound

My goodness.  I can't seem to regularly update the blog at all!
So, yes, I'm homeward bound.  My family and I drove to Chicago to attend a family friend's daughter's holud and wedding.  She looked beautiful, mashAllah.  And Alhamdulillah she seemed very happy.  The bride and groom were aglow, laughing and smiling with each other.  InshaAllah one day I, too, will feel as she does.
We had a long drive through New Jersey.  No, I have not met or seen Snookie.... d:
What to write about?  An acquaintance of mine got married a few months ago.  She had a small nikkah with family.  I was disappointed while going through her pictures on Facebook because while I saw the groom's parents, and her father, an Imam, officiating, I did not see her mother.  I can only imagine how hurt she felt that her mother didn't attend.  (I assume that her mother could have gone.)  It is as likely as not that I'm projecting, but I'd hope that my mother would help plan and attend my wedding, whether she wholly approved of the man or not.  As long as he's a practicing Muslim and makes me happy, I like to think she'd at least fake it for a day or two.  Ionno.  Maybe that's asking too much.  Allahu 'alim.
June fourteenth, two thousand and eleven.  That was my one-year anniversary, Alhamdulillah.  <3
This post is turning out to be just as marriage-minded as the others!  Oh well.  The Chicago wedding was the first of many this summer.  I think I've mentioned this before, actually. Anyway, let the matrimony begin!  Haha!
Today's soap box topic: gay marriage.  Personal feelings aside, I've mentioned Islam's viewpoint on homosexuality before.  To recap, it is natural to feel attraction to the same sex and forbidden to act upon those feelings.  I don't know about Judaism, but from what I understand of Christianity, the same applies.
In a nation that supposedly was built on the separation of church and state, it is literally unthinkable that gay marriage would be illegal.  The social rite, marriage, is given by the state government, and is made official by a marriage certificate.  A marriage does not mean "happened in a place of worship."  You don't believe in it?  Fine.  Attend a church that won't perform them.  You think marriage is something that happens in a place of worship?  Lobby for all couples, queer and breeder, to be given civil union licenses.  Get the word removed from government use.  You have no right to stop any other people from getting married, when it is state-given.  You don't have to agree with it, but it is, at the least, every person's right in this country.
And don't give me nonsense about religion being used to make laws.  No.  I'm calling you on your bullshit.  Almost everyone (I'm not counting sociopaths) has an innate sense of what's right and what's wrong, what's "good"and what's "bad."  Being a secular state doesn't change the fact that murder is wrong and should be punishable.  If the Commandment didn't exist, you'd still know you shouldn't kill people; you just wouldn't know it's punishable by Hell. 
You don't think the nation should make it legal? Tough. Suck it up. America was founded on certain principles. Stick to them, or get out.

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  1. I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I was wondering where you had been. Masha'Allah on the marriages, and Alhamdulillah on the anniversary for you and many more Insha'Allah! <3